Top OnlyFans Users and Revenue Statistics in 2023

Read about the OnlyFans Users and Revenue Statistics in 2023 below. If you’ve been keeping up with the digital landscape, you’ve undoubtedly heard of OnlyFans. While it’s been largely associated with adult content creators, it has expanded its horizons to encompass a variety of professionals, from fitness trainers to musicians. OnlyFans provides a unique platform for content creators to monetize their talents and connect with their audience. In this blog, we’ll delve into the astounding OnlyFans Users and Revenue Statistics.

Top OnlyFans Users and Revenue Statistics

Top OnlyFans Users and Revenue Statistics in 2023

Let’s kick things off with a highlight of some mind-blowing OnlyFans Users and Revenue Statistics:

  • Over 190 million users have registered on OnlyFans, including an impressive 2.1 million creators.
  • Every day, an additional 500,000 new users eagerly sign up on OnlyFans.
  • The platform experiences a staggering 70% growth rate per month, a testament to its popularity.
  • OnlyFans contributes over $5 billion annually to its content creators, fostering a thriving ecosystem.
  • In a jaw-dropping feat, Bella Thorne amassed over $1 million within her first 24 hours on the platform.
  • The average age of paid subscribers falls within the range of 35 to 44 years.
  • OnlyFans takes a modest 20% commission from creators, allowing them to retain 80% of their earnings.
  • The typical content creator garners just 21 subscribers and earns around $180 each month.
  • More than 300 OnlyFans creators rake in over $1 million annually.

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General OnlyFans Stats

OnlyFans isn’t confined to a single niche; it offers both free and paid exclusive content. Adult content may dominate the scene, but creators from various fields are capitalizing on the platform’s potential. Let’s explore some general OnlyFans stats that showcase its growth:

  • Massive User Base: OnlyFans boasts a staggering 190 million registered users, surpassing the population of many countries. Among the user demographic, 80.79% are male, while the remaining users are female. The largest user group falls within the age range of 18 to 34, with 29.62% aged 18 to 24 and 31.58% falling between 25 and 34 years old.

  • Top 50 Website: OnlyFans is ranked among the top 50 most visited websites worldwide, a remarkable achievement given its unique content focus.
  • Challenges of Engagement: Despite its user base, creators often struggle to build and maintain a loyal subscriber base due to challenges with engagement.
  • Cultural Influence: With over 17 million backlinks, OnlyFans holds a significant cultural influence and sparks discussions across various platforms.
  • Creator-Centric Model: OnlyFans’ commitment to creators is evident in its 20% commission rate, allowing creators to thrive financially.

OnlyFans Revenue Stats

OnlyFans Revenue Stats

The growth of OnlyFans translates to substantial revenue for both creators and the platform itself. These stats underline the economic opportunities the platform offers:

  • Exponential Growth: OnlyFans experiences a phenomenal 70% monthly growth rate, showcasing its status as one of the fastest-growing online companies. In 2022, OnlyFans achieved a remarkable milestone with a projected revenue of $2.5 billion USD, surpassing the previous year by over one billion dollars. This exponential growth underscores the platform’s increasing popularity and profitability in the digital content subscription industry.

  • Multi-Billion Payments: With over $5 billion paid annually to creators, OnlyFans serves as a dependable income source for content creators.
  • Affordable Pricing: The majority of creators charge under $20 per month, with 82.4% falling within this range.
  • Influential Creators: Top creators like Blac Chyna, Bella Thorne, and Cardi B have raked in millions through OnlyFans, propelling the platform’s popularity.
  • Varied Income: The average creator earns around $180 monthly, influenced by factors like tips, ratings, and follower count.

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OnlyFans Demographics Stats

OnlyFans appeals to a diverse demographic, offering insights into its user base and the success of its creators:

  • Gender Disparity: 80.79% of the users are male, and the rest are female.

  • Age Range: The average age of paid subscribers falls between 35 and 44, reflecting the platform’s target demographic.
  • Visitor Insights: With 320 million monthly visits, OnlyFans attracts a significant online audience, with Google and Twitter driving much of the traffic.
  • Social Media Impact: Twitter leads the social media platforms in driving traffic to OnlyFans, showcasing the platform’s popularity among millennials and Gen Z.
  • User Influx: An astounding 500,000 new users join OnlyFans every day, indicating a continuous surge in demand.

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OnlyFans has revolutionized content consumption and creation, offering creators a unique space to engage with their audience and monetize their talents. The astounding statistics highlight the platform’s rapid growth, diverse demographics, and the immense revenue potential it offers to creators. While it may have started as a niche platform, OnlyFans has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that has forever altered how we perceive and interact with digital content.

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What is the average income on OnlyFans?

The average income on OnlyFans is $180 per month.

How many people are successful on OnlyFans? 

Over 300 creators make $1M+ annually on OnlyFans, while 16,000+ earn $50,000+. These numbers highlight the platform’s remarkable potential for enabling substantial earnings and empowering a diverse range of content creators.

What is the top 1% salary on OnlyFans?

The elite top 1% earns over $20,000 monthly, while the privileged top 0.1% surpasses $100,000. Notably, the top 10% enjoys earnings exceeding $1,000 per month, reflecting the platform’s diverse monetization potential for creators.