Before submitting a game prototype, please read our game goals. For your design to be considered by Grail, it must align with these statements.

If you believe Grail Games is a possible home for your game design, please click here and pitch us your idea! This pitch must be succinct – no more than a couple of paragraphs – and outline the theme of the game, a simple overview of how it is played, and what makes it unique. Please also send your game’s rule book and/or a how to play video.

If Grail Games likes the sound of what you have come up with, we will respond (usually within a fortnight) with instructions on getting your game prototype to us for consideration and testing. (This is not a guarantee that Grail will publish your game.)

Once we have entered into the prototype testing phase, Grail Games requests that no other publishers be shown the game design. Usually you will know within three months after sending us a prototype if Grail plans to publish your game.

We look forward to hopefully adding one of your designs to the Grail Games library!