Stephenson’s Rocket


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Designed by: Reiner Knizia
Illustrated by: Ian O’Toole

On September 15, 1830, the age of the railroad began with the opening of the first line between Liverpool and Manchester. The locomotive that ruled those rails was George Stephenson’s Rocket. With a top speed of 45km/h (28mph) Rocket, was the most advanced engine of the day, and its arrival marked the beginning of the modern railway.

In Stephenson’s Rocket, players take on the role of rail barons in 1830s England. By investing in the various new rail lines, transporting passengers, and building up the local industries, players will vie for the honor of becoming the most prestigious rail baron in the early days of the steam locomotive.

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Stephenson’s Rocket
Players: 2-4
Ages: 12+
Length: 60-90mins

1x game board (550 x 550mm)
1x rule book
7x locomotives
60x double-sided track tiles
12x city indicator cubes
9x passenger pawns
28x wooden stations (in 4 player colors)
36x wooden industry cubes (in 4 player colors)
32x wooden player markers (in 4 player colors)

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