Medici: The Dice Game


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Medici: The Dice Game is a new design by Reiner Knizia that shares the setting and feel of his classic Medici board game, but using dice!

Fast to learn and simple to play, Medici: The Dice Game is a dice-drafting, roll-and-write game. Over the course of three rounds, 1-4 players will fill their ships with the goods presented at the wharf. They will earn money for having the most valued loads, as well as for collecting majorities of the different goods.

Grail Games is pleased to release their third title in the family of Medici games (following Medici and Medici: The Card Game), with simple, yet highly interactive game play by Reiner Knizia, and stunning artwork by Vincent Dutrait.

Medici: The Dice Game
Players: 1-4
Ages: 10+
Length: 20 minutes

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