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The team that brought you Elevenses, returns with a new card game in 2015!

The Japanese tea ceremony is a tradition centred on spirituality and servitude. Preparing and presenting a beautiful matcha (tea) for your guest is the ultimate expression of culture, ceremony and respect.

In Matcha, players attempt to collect the utensils (chadogu) they need to perform a tea ceremony by matching tea ceremony (otemae) cards on the table by either their number (1-4) or suit (tea, water, bowl & scoop.) Cards are played secretly, and sometimes it will be to your advantage not to match at all.

With just 18 otemae cards and an assortment of chadogu tokens, Matcha provides plenty of strategy for players who must decide when and where to play their cards to the table.

Game design: David Harding
Artwork: TJ Lubrano

Players: 2
Ages: 12+
Length: 15mins

18 tea ceremony (otemae, お]手前) cards
6 mat (tatami, 畳) cards
35 wooden utensil (chadogu, 茶道具) tokens


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