25 Important Reddit Statistics You Must Know in 2023

Check out the 25 important Reddit Statistics in 2023 here. Are you seeking innovative ways to expand your marketing beyond conventional social media platforms? Have you ever contemplated leveraging the power of Reddit? Reddit, a unique social sharing website, thrives on user-submitted text, images, and videos that undergo community voting. In this article, we will unveil 25 important Reddit statistics to turbocharge your marketing strategy, enabling you to discern the tactics that truly resonate.

Important Reddit Statistics in 2023

Below are top 25 Reddit Statistics you should know in 2023:

Reddit Statistics – Content

Reddit Statistics - Content

Below are some Reddit Statistics on content data:

  1. The Power of Concise Titles: Less Is More

Before embarking on your Reddit journey, crafting an attention-grabbing title is key. Data analysis by the Foundation Marketing team reveals that titles within the range of 60 to 80 characters tend to garner more upvotes. Titles exceeding 120 characters or falling below 20 characters exhibit poorer performance.

  1. How much is Reddit worth?

As of the latest funding round in August 2021, Reddit is valued at $9.6 billion. This valuation has experienced significant growth since 2014, as shown in the historical data on Reddit’s pre-money valuation:

  • Series B, September 2014: $450 million
  • Series C, August 2017: $1.6 billion
  • Series D, February 2019: $2.7 billion
  • Series E, February 2021: $5.8 billion
  • Series F, August 2021: $9.6 billion

Reddit’s pre-money valuation since 2014

  1. The Question Paradox: Fewer Upvotes, More Interaction

Surprisingly, posts that don’t involve questions amass more than 1,000 upvotes compared to those that do. This highlights the variance in user behavior across different forms of engagement.

  1. The Allure of External Links

External links reign supreme when it comes to driving engagement on Reddit. Users flock to Reddit to unearth new brands, websites, tools, and content aligned with their interests. Posts with links outperform text-based posts by a staggering margin.

  1. Posts shared on Reddit Annually

In 2020, a total of 303.4 million posts were shared on Reddit, marking a substantial 52.4% year-over-year increase. This surge in post activity means that the number of posts on Reddit almost doubled in 2020 compared to the previous year, representing an additional 150.4 million posts posted per year. Here’s a summary of the number of posts published on Reddit in recent years:

  • 2018: 153 million
  • 2019: 199 million
  • 2020: 303.4 million

  1. Evolution of Content in /r/DataIsBeautiful

The /r/DataIsBeautiful subreddit paints a vivid landscape of evolving data visualization and informational graphics. Trends observed within this subreddit offer profound insights into content preferences and shifts over time.

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  1. Science Subreddits: A Haven for New Research

/r/Futurology, a subreddit catering to enthusiasts of technological and human breakthroughs, unveils user fascination with pioneering research and discoveries. The recurring theme of “the first time” and “for the first” underpins the subreddit’s content preferences.

  1. Cracking the Code in /r/LifeHacks

The /r/LifeHacks subreddit is a treasure trove of shortcuts for simplifying everyday life. The popularity of certain phrases in headlines provides a window into users’ curiosity about specific “life hacks.”

  1. Peek into the Marketing World with /r/BigSEO

Marketing enthusiasts congregate in /r/BigSEO, where specific phrases drive high engagement through comments and upvotes. Understanding these trends can aid marketers in honing their strategies within specialized communities.

  1. The Champion of 2018: A Success Story

The most upvoted post on Reddit in 2018, titled “This is What Happens When One Company Owns Dozens of Local News Stations,” garnered a staggering 313,000 upvotes. This exemplifies Reddit’s immense potential for viral content.

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Reddit Statistics – User

Reddit Statistics - User

Below are some Reddit Statistics on user data:

  1. A Growing American User Base

With a monthly user count of 26.4 million in the United States, Reddit has steadily expanded its presence since its inception in 2005. The platform’s impact extends beyond registered users, as anyone can access content without logging in.

  1. Rising Monthly Active Users

Reddit recently shifted its reporting focus from monthly active users (MAUs) to daily active users, but historical data on the number of users visiting the platform at least once a month is still readily available.

In 2019, Reddit boasted 430 million monthly active users (MAUs), reflecting a 30.3% growth compared to the previous year. Here’s an overview of Reddit’s MAU growth in recent years:

  1. A Website of Unprecedented Popularity

Between February 2018 and March 2019, Reddit amassed a staggering 1.6 billion visits across desktop and mobile platforms. Its rising popularity distinguishes it from other social networks facing challenges.

  1. Captivating the Younger Demographic

A study by We Are Flint highlights Reddit’s appeal to the younger generation, with 42% of U.S. internet users aged 18 to 24 engaging with the platform. This trend signifies Reddit’s sustained growth potential.

  1. User Count by Country

As of August 2021, the majority of Reddit users, 48%, reside in the United States. Following the United States, the countries with the next largest Reddit user bases are the United Kingdom (7.6%), Canada (7.45%), Australia (3.89%), and Germany (3.37%).

  1. Reddit Gender Demographics

As of the available data, approximately 62% of Reddit users are male, with the remaining 38% identifying as female. These gender demographics provide insights into the composition of Reddit’s user base.

  1. A Surge of Page Views

In 2018 alone, Reddit witnessed a staggering 168 billion page views, cementing its position as a force to be reckoned with in the online world. This high volume highlights Reddit’s enduring appeal.

  1. Active Participation through Comments

In 2019, Reddit’s users collectively contributed over 1.7 billion comments. This vibrant engagement underscores the platform’s interactive nature and presents an opportunity for generating website traffic.

  1. The Currency of Upvotes

Reddit’s 2019 Year in Review proudly records an astounding 32 billion upvotes. The upvoting system encapsulates the essence of meaningful engagement and endorsement within the community.

  1. Emergence of Video Dominance

Since 2018, Reddit’s video content has witnessed a remarkable 38% growth rate. The introduction of hosted videos has propelled Reddit’s native player to the forefront, surpassing even established platforms like YouTube for video viewing and posting. Crafting captivating, scroll-stopping video content is crucial to seize this burgeoning opportunity.

  1. Health and Fitness Ascend

The health and fitness discourse on Reddit has experienced a robust 43% growth between 2017 and 2018. From discussions on veganism to the Keto Diet and skincare, Reddit has become a hub for wellness enthusiasts and businesses alike to engage and contribute to this thriving conversation.

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  1. Engagement Intensity in Health Subreddits

Engaging with health and fitness content on Reddit is a prolonged affair, as users spend a staggering 15 times more time on health-related subreddits than on similar external websites. This deep engagement underscores Reddit’s role as a hotspot for health-conscious discussions and interactions.

  1. Tech Enthusiasts Flock to Reddit

Technology enthusiasts find their haven in Reddit’s technology communities. With over 27 million monthly visitors engaging in technology-centric subreddits like r/technology and r/iphone, Reddit has solidified its status as a reliable source for the latest technological trends and opinions.

  1. Tech Lovers’ Paradise

A whopping 38% of Reddit users identify as technology aficionados, surpassing figures observed on social giants like Facebook and Instagram. This phenomenon cements Reddit’s reputation as the go-to platform for tech-driven conversations and insights.

  1. Technology Subreddits’ Soaring Engagement

In 2018, technology communities on Reddit experienced an impressive 24% year-over-year surge in overall engagement, encompassing comments, posts, and votes. This evolution signifies the platform’s growing significance as a virtual nexus for tech enthusiasts to connect, share, and learn.


As you navigate the dynamic landscape of Reddit, these statistics provide valuable insights into user behaviors, preferences, and trends. Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your marketing approach to captivate Reddit’s diverse communities effectively. The vast scope for engagement, the dominance of certain content formats, and the platform’s growth trajectory make Reddit an indispensable realm for marketers seeking novel avenues for success. Embrace the power of Reddit, harness the statistics, and propel your marketing strategy to new heights. The journey awaits – dive into the world of Reddit and let your marketing prowess flourish!

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What kind of person uses Reddit?

More young people in the US use Reddit. In a survey from February 2021, they found that 36% of people between 18 and 29 years old and 22% of people between 30 and 49 years old use Reddit. But as people get older, fewer of them use Reddit.

What is the male to female ratio on Reddit?

Out of all Reddit users, about 74% are men and around 25.8% are women.

Where are most Reddit users from?      

Around 42% to 49.3% of Reddit users are from the United States, with the United Kingdom following at 7.9% to 8.2%, and Canada at 5.2% to 7.8%.