How to make a Fountain in Minecraft? [5 Best Fountain Ideas]

In Minecraft, fountains can add a touch of elegance and beauty to your virtual world. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, constructing a basic fountain is a great way to enhance your in-game surroundings. How to make a Fountain in Minecraft? Looking for the steps to the process? This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a simple fountain and later provide tips to expand and customize your design for a more unique creation.

How to make a Fountain in Minecraft?

make a Fountain in Minecraft

You can learn how to make a Fountain in Minecraft by following the steps below:

Step 1: Choose Your Blocks 

Select the blocks that will form the edges of your fountain. While stone slabs are a popular choice due to their nice lip around the water, feel free to use any block you prefer.

Step 2: Create the Base 

Build a 5×5 square as the foundation of your fountain.

Step 3: Add Curvature 

Remove the corner blocks to give your fountain a more circular appearance.

Step 4: Hollow Out the Base 

Dig out the 3×3 area inside the base to create a space for the water.

Step 5: Add Your Chosen Blocks 

Replace the dirt on the bottom and sides with the block of your choice. For this demonstration, Glowstone blocks will be used, but you can experiment with different materials.

Step 6: Build the Center Column

Erect a column of blocks in the center of the fountain. You can make it as tall or short as you like.

Step 7: Add Water 

Grab a bucket of water and right-click the top of the column to fill the fountain with water.

Congratulations! Your basic fountain is now complete. Take a moment to enjoy your handiwork.

5 Best Fountain Ideas in Minecraft

Best Fountain Ideas in Minecraft

Below are our 5 best fountain designs in Minecraft:

1. Small Wooden Fountain

The Small Wooden Fountain in Minecraft is a delightful and aesthetically pleasing decoration that adds beauty to any location. Constructed using simple materials such as wood and leaves, it is a perfect choice for survival mode as it is easy to build. Despite its modest size, the fountain exudes charm and can be placed almost anywhere. The water setup is uncomplicated due to its minimal water usage, making it an ideal option for those looking for a well-like feature.

2. Four Corner Fountains

The Four Corner Fountains in Minecraft offer an elegant and slightly more complex design. Crafted with quartz, underwater lights, and a central beacon or shelter, these fountains form a square of open water. Each corner is adorned with a fountain, and bridges elegantly traverse the water, creating a stunning visual effect. Known as the “Fountains of Health,” the presence of a healing beacon nearby enhances gameplay. This design also provides guidance on crafting a beacon if you haven’t yet done so in your Minecraft world.

3. Modern Minecraft Fountain

Embodying a contemporary aesthetic, the Modern Minecraft Fountain showcases sleek lines, rectangles, and height. Distinguished by neutral colors such as white, grey, and black, this fountain stands taller compared to other designs. The combination of white wool, glass, stone, and glowstone creates a modern and stylish look. The use of square shapes and tall edges emphasizes the fountain’s modern appeal, with a touch of glass near the base adding a subtle touch of transparency.

4. Large Quartz Fountain

For those seeking a grand centerpiece, the Large Quartz Fountain stands out with its wider dimensions. Crafted primarily from quartz blocks, this fountain demands a careful arrangement of blocks to achieve its intricate pattern. The addition of glowstone not only enhances its beauty but also provides gentle illumination, making the fountain a captivating sight, especially during nighttime exploration.

5. Small Stone Fountain

Inspired by medieval aesthetics, the Small Stone Fountain presents a compact and rustic design. Measuring just 3 by 5 blocks, this fountain effortlessly complements medieval building styles like villages and castles. Its simplicity and use of stone make it easy to create even in survival mode. The fountain’s modest size and timeless appearance make it an excellent addition to various architectural themes in your Minecraft world.


With these simple steps and creative ideas, you can now build a basic fountain in Minecraft and take it to the next level with your personal touch. Fountains not only make your world visually captivating but also add a sense of tranquility to your virtual environment. So, grab your tools, let your creativity flow, and construct the fountain of your dreams in the blocky universe of Minecraft! Happy building!

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