How to heal pokemon in Pokemon Go?

How to heal pokemon in Pokemon Go? In the realm of Pokemon GO, the absence of traditional Pokemon Centers requires trainers to employ alternative methods for restoring their battle-worn Pokemon to their full vitality. If you’re seeking guidance on how to nurse your Pokemon back to health, read on to uncover the secrets of healing in Pokemon GO.

How to heal Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

How to heal pokemon in Pokemon Go? While seasoned Pokemon players may recall the convenience of Pokemon Centers, the world of Pokemon GO functions differently. Healing your Pokemon in this augmented reality adventure involves the strategic use of various potions and revives.

The primary means of revitalizing your Pokemon is through the utilization of potions. Standard Potions, the most basic among them, bestow a modest 20 HP to your weary Pokemon. For more substantial recuperation, you can turn to more potent options like Max Potions, capable of fully restoring your Pokemon’s health. These indispensable items can be procured from various sources, including gyms, PokeStops, the in-game store, and the completion of Field Research tasks.

The Potions at Your Disposal

In Pokemon GO, you’ll come across four distinct types of potions, each varying in its restorative powers:

  • Potion: An entry-level potion, rejuvenating your Pokemon with 20 HP.
  • Super Potion: A more robust option, providing a healthy dose of 50 HP.
  • Hyper Potion: Significantly more potent, granting your Pokemon 200 HP recovery.
  • Max Potion: The ultimate remedy, completely restoring your Pokemon’s HP.

Occasionally, during intense battles or challenging encounters, your Pokemon may succumb to fainting. In such dire situations, the need for Revives becomes evident. Revives breathe life back into your fainted Pokemon, enabling them to rejoin the fray. Similar to potions, you can obtain revives through various in-game activities and sources mentioned earlier.

Revive Varieties

There are two types of Revive items you may come across, each with its own unique restorative capabilities:

  • Regular Revive: When administered, it rejuvenates a fainted Pokemon to half of its maximum HP.
  • Max Revive: This superior option completely revives your Pokemon, ensuring they return to battle in peak condition.

To apply potions and revives in Pokemon GO, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the Pokemon GO app and access the main screen.
  • Tap on the Pokeball icon located at the bottom center of the screen.
  • Select “Items” found at the bottom right corner to access your backpack.
  • Scroll through your inventory until you locate the desired potions or revives, and then select the item you wish to use on your chosen Pokemon.


By adeptly employing these items, you can nurse your Pokemon back to health and keep them primed for further adventures in the captivating world of Pokemon GO. So, heal up, trainer, and continue your journey with your trusty companions!