How many Colors are in Minecraft? 

How many colors are in Minecraft? Colors add life to anything, so in the world of Minecraft players get a palette of colors, which allows them to customize their creations with a variety of shades and hues. However you must be wondering about how many colors are in Minecraft, so to learn more about it read on. 

How many Colors are in Minecraft? 

Colors in Minecraft

Basically, you get a palette of 16 different colors in Minecraft that you can use for changing the color of various items, including wool, candles, fireworks, banners, glass, and more. So what are those 16 colors? The colors that Minecraft offers are, white, magenta, yellow, pink, light grey, purple, brown, red, orange, light blue, lime, grey, cyan, blue, green, and black. 

However, to attain other desired colors players can use tools and mods which will allow them to customize as per their needs. 

How to get colors in Minecraft?

But how to obtain these colors? Here’s a quick guide:


You can create a white dye with the help of the lily of the valley flow. There is another way you can obtain white dye that is by killing the skeletons, they will drop bones once they get killed all you need to do is collect the bones and crush them on the crafting table to create bonemeal which will help you craft white dye.


Basically, there are 3 ways to craft magenta dye, first, you can use lilac flowers, second you can mix purple and pink dye, or else you can mix red, white, and blue dyes together. 


To craft the yellow dye you need to look for sunflowers or dandelions which can be easily found in the forest flower biome.


You have to combine red and white dye to obtain pink bye. Another way is to use pink tulips which can be found in the forest biomes.


The darkest color that is available in Minecraft is the black dye. You can get black dye from inc sacs which are dropped by squids. All you need to do is dive deep underwater and look for squids and kill them, when the squids are killed they drop one or three inc sacs at a time. 

Light grey

You can make grey dye by placing oxeye daisy, 1 white tulip, or azure bluet on the crafting table or you can mix grey dye with more bonemeal. 


It’s very simple to make purple dye all you need to do is mix red and blue dye together.


You can create brown dye with the help of cocoa beans. But here to find the cocoa beans? You can easily find them in forest biomes growing on jungle trees. Once you find the cocoa beans, put them on the crafting table to craft brown dye.


You can craft red dye by using three things i.e., a rose, a beetroot, and a red poppy flower. You can find the flowers in forest biomes and beetroot can be found on farms and in villages. 


To craft orange dye you can combine red and yellow dye or else you can use orange tulips.

Light blue

You can make light blue dye by adding bonemeal and lapis lazuli together.


To make lime dye you have to simply combine bonemeal and green dye together on the crafting table.


You can obtain grey by combating black and white colors.


You need to combine lapis lazuli, green, and blue dye together to make cyan dye.


You can find blue dye in two ways first from cornflowers which can be found in the biome flower forest and the other way is by using lapis lazuli to find that you need to underground.


In order to make green dye you need to have cactus, you can easily find cactus in the desert biome. Once you get the cactus you need to burn them in the furnace to obtain green dye.


Now you know how many colors are in Minecraft and also how to craft the color. So you can easily craft these colors and use them to create everything from colorful houses and pixel art to intricate banners and flags.

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