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Throw your ingredients, flip your utensils and serve the best meals in Hibachi!

In the quest to be the best teppanyaki chef, much will be spilled and slopped on your way to the top! Players are top Japanese chefs, throwing their eggs onto the hibachi hot plate in order to collect and cook the best ingredients to please the constant queue of hungry customers. The winner will be the first chef to successfully cook and serve a meal to the guests around their hot plate.

Hibachi is unique, mixing tactical gameplay with dexterity mechanisms! Players will toss their eggs onto the board, attempting to gain the best ingredients, and then cooking recipes with them. Just like in a real Hibachi restaurant, the game is raucous yet satisfying!

Designed by: Marco Teubner
Illustrated by: Kerri Aitken
Players: 2-4
Ages: 14+
Length: 45 minutes

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