Hang 12


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Designed by: Tim Roediger
Illustrated by: Olga Günther

Hang 12 is the push-your-luck party game!

Do you know what your friends are thinking? Guess correctly to surf bigger and bigger waves, but if you answer incorrectly, it will all come crashing down! Ride your wave in to shore before you lose it! You may even get to hang 12 and cry “Cowabunga”!

Try to guess what other players think in order to catch waves. Then, ride the waves in to shore to score points. Be the first to collect twenty-four points to win!pic3289654_mdpic3289655_md

Hang 12
Players: 3-6
Ages: 14+
Length: 45mins

 Game contents:
100 question cards
90 wave cards
8 beach cards
18 cardboard surfboards
Rule book

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