Guns & Steel: Renaissance

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Grail Games proud to introduce an all-new stand-alone expansion for Guns & Steel – Guns & Steel: Renaissance!

NEW wonders! NEW cards! NEW ways to win! Renaissance can be played alone or combined with the original set, to create an exciting new experience…

Guns & Steel: Renaissance is a hand-building game. Each player starts with an identical hand of cards which can be played face-down (as a resource) or face-up (as a development) to perform an action. Extra cards can be “bought” from a display, which are then added to your tableau. Players will progress through the different ages of human history, inventing technologies, building wonders and warring with the neighbouring civilisations.

Guns & Steel: Renaissance is a tightly packed strategy game that will force you to make challenging decisions on every turn. Experience the rise & fall of nations in just an hour’s time!


Guns & Steel: Renaissance contains:

  • 60 cards
  • 20 Glory counters
  • 35 Culture tokens
  • 5 player aid cards
  • 1 Rule book


Also published in Taiwan by Moaideas Game Design.

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