Finding Pokémon in Sumerian Mythology

In the world of myths and legends, the Sumerian civilization stands as one of the earliest known to humanity. Although distant in both time and culture, their myths can be surprisingly relatable and even playful. This blog delves into the mysterious connection between Sumerian mythology and the popular Pokémon universe, revealing a fascinating parallel that bridges the ancient and the contemporary.

Finding Pokémon in Sumerian Mythology

Pokémon in Sumerian Mythology

The Enigmatic Sorcerer – Urgirnuna

Urgirnuna, a formidable sorcerer in Sumerian mythology, emerges as the central character of our story. However, his talents in magic are matched only by his bizarre choice of animals.

Sagburu: The Wise Challenger

A strong contrast to the malevolent Urgirnuna, Sagburu steps forward as the courageous challenger. Described not as a sorceress but rather as an “old woman” or “wise woman,” she accepts Urgirnuna’s magical duel with determination.

The Pokémon Connection

In this unique Sumerian myth, instead of the iconic Poké Balls, we find fish spawn being used to summon creatures. The fish spawn transform into animals, setting the stage for battles, reminiscent of Pokémon battles.

The Magical Duel Unfolds

The contest begins with Urgirnuna’s summoning of a giant carp, which faces off against Sagburu’s fierce eagle. The choice of animals in this round is crucial and somewhat baffling.

The second round sees Urgirnuna attempting to create an advantage by summoning a ewe and a lamb. However, Sagburu effortlessly conjures a formidable wolf, sealing her victory.

The magical duel continues, and Urgirnuna persists with baffling choices, summoning an ibex and a wild sheep. Yet again, Sagburu’s choice, a lion, emerges victorious.

In the penultimate round, Urgirnuna’s decision to summon a gazelle kid leaves much to be desired. Sagburu showcases her mastery by summoning both a lion and a tiger simultaneously, securing her fifth victory.

The Resounding Victory

The contest ends with a resounding 5-0 victory for Sagburu, who, in her wisdom, reveals that her abilities extend beyond Urgirnuna’s comprehension. As the ancient tale concludes, she casts the defeated sorcerer into the river.


This intriguing Sumerian myth offers a glimpse into the origins of creature-based battles, a concept that finds resonance in the modern world of Pokémon. Despite the vast gap in time and culture, the parallels between these ancient tales and contemporary pop culture are undeniably fascinating, highlighting the enduring appeal of such timeless narratives.