Reiner Knizia’s “King’s Road” is on Kickstarter now!


Famed designer Dr Reiner Knizia and fan-fave illustrator Vincent Dutrait are back! Can you earn the king’s influence? Out-think your opponents as you sway the crown!

King’s Road is a simple to learn area-majority board game, full of meaty decisions for gamers. In it, players are nobles who are attempting to gain power and influence within the king’s many provinces. As the king travels along the road that connects all the major landmarks within his territory, he will allow the most influential noble in each region to govern in his stead. Over time, the most favored noble will win the game.

Each player has identical decks of eleven cards. On a turn, players simultaneously select the three cards they will play, and in what order. To win, players not only have to influence the king as he traverses the land, but attempt to read the minds of their opponents.

With shipping included in every pledge, and fantastic art by Vincent Dutrait, we hope you may check out the campaign and consider supporting us.


Grail Games adds games from Oink, Aporta and EmperorS4 to its Australian distribution catalogue

Grail Games is pleased to announce that Australian gamers  will now have easy access to some of the best board and card games the world has to offer!

We are now distributing titles from famed Japanese publisher Oink Games (Insider, Deep Sea Adventure, etc.), clever Norwegian publisher Aporta Games (Automania, Avenue, Capital Lux), and popular Taiwanese publisher EmperorS4 (Hanamikoji, Burano, Round House)!

In honour of all this excitement, our online store is currently having a 15% off sale! Simply enter code OINKOINK at checkout!

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PRESS RELEASE: Grail Games to release Knizia’s Stephensons Rocket and King’s Road

PRESS RELEASE: Grail Games to publish new editions of two classic Reiner Knizia games in 2017.
King’s Road will be released mid-2017, with art by Vincent Dutrait. Stephenson’s Rocket will be released in December, with art by Ian O’Toole. Neither title has been published for over 15 years.

Sydney, Australia – Friday, January 13th, 2017. Today, Grail Games announced that it will be publishing two classic Reiner Knizia games in 2017: King’s Road and Stephenson’s Rocket.

King’s Road is a re-implementation of Imperium, last published in 2001. It is due to be released mid-2017, and will feature art by Vincent Dutrait (Medici, Lewis & Clark, Broom Service, etc.) Stephenson’s Rocket, last published in 1999, will feature artwork from Ian O’Toole (The Gallerist, Vinhos, Lisboa, etc.) Grail Games also plans to produce a previously un-released expansion map for Stephenson’s Rocket that features the eastern United States. Both titles are from famed board game designer Dr Reiner Knizia (Medici, Tigris & Euphrates, Samurai, Ra, etc.)

Stephenson’s Rocket, a route-building and bidding game, has a devoted fan-base. Widely considered to be Knizia’s best design not to be re-printed since its original release, this new edition of Stephenson’s Rocket will be highly anticipated. The game, its mechanisms, and goals, will be refreshed and presented in a clear and beautiful art style from famed board game illustrator Ian O’Toole.

In Stephenson’s Rocket, players take the role of rail barons at the dawn of the rail age in England. Players will attempt to gain the most influence and prestige amongst the different railroads vying for dominance, by expanding and merging the various lines. It is a highly interactive game – other players may use their clout with a railroad to veto another player’s move.

King’s Road is an area-majority game. Each player has identical decks of eleven cards. On a turn, players simultaneously select the three cards they will play, and in what order. To win, players not only have to influence the king as he traverses the land, but attempt to read the minds of their opponents. The superb artwork of Vincent Dutrait will transport players to a rich fantasy land, as they attempt to sway the king to their favour.

“I am very excited to announce the upcoming release of these titles,” said publisher David Harding. “The new presentation of Stephenson’s Rocket and its expansion will please current fans and attract new ones, while King’s Road, with its fast play time and meaty choices, will deserve a place in any gamer’s collection. We are so pleased to be able to continue releasing great games from one of our greatest designers.”

King’s Road is for 2-5 players and takes approximately 30 minutes to play. The game will include: 1 game board, 55 cards, 75 player markers, and 1 king marker. It’s MSRP will be approximately $30USD. Stephenson’s Rocket is for 2-4 players and takes approximately 60 minutes to play. The game will include: 1 game board, 60 rail tiles, 45 city and passenger tokens, 28 station tokens, 28 player markers, and 7 locomotive miniatures. It’s MSRP will be approximately $50USD. Accurate release dates and MSRPs will be announced soon. Please stay tuned to for more info.

These two titles join our 2017 release schedule that also includes: Doughnut Drive-Thru, Medici: The Card Game, and Hang 12. Please visit our website or for more info on these games.


King's Road - mid-2017

King’s Road – mid-2017

About Grail Games: Grail Games is a board and card game publishing studio located in Sydney, Australia. Our games, including Elevenses, Cat Box and Medici, are available worldwide. Our focus is on board and card games that are family friendly, fast to teach, and that offer depth and replayability. We create games of excellent component quality that offer a very high Depth to Box Size Ratio. To find out more, please visit


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Medici: The Card Game now on Kickstarter!

Hi everyone!

Grail Games is pleased to announce that Reiner Knizia’s all new sister game to the classic Medici board game has just launched on Kickstarter! Please help us to make this game a reality…


Medici: The Card Game is simple, quick and fun! With shipping included in every pledge, and fantastic art by Vincent Dutrait, we hope you may check out the campaign and consider supporting us.

Many thanks 🙂
David Harding
Grail Games

Medici demo weekend (Oct 1-2) across the USA!

News for US followers: Medici, our recently released reprint of Knizia’s classic auction game, is going to be demoed at over 50 gaming stores across the country this weekend (Oct 1 & 2)!
Why not go along, try the game and see what all the fuss is about! Many thanks to the entire demo team for showing the game off 😀
Check in at your FLGS to see if they are involved…

– David

Guns & Steel: Renaissance on Kickstarter NOW!

Grail Games is pleased to announce that Guns & Steel: Renaissance, a stand-alone expansion for Guns & Steel, is now on Kickstarter!

Click here to visit the campaign page!


Renaissance adds new cards and new ways to win to the already popular base game. It can be played by itself, or combined with Guns & Steel!

Please note: This is a campaign to fund the Grail Games, local edition of the game, and very few copies are able to be made available to international backers.

With your support, we will be able to bring this game to Australia, NZ and SE Asia. Thank you!

Reiner Knizia’s Medici is on Kickstarter now!

We are pleased to announce that our planned new English edition of Reiner Knizia’s Medici has just launched on Kickstarter!

>> Click here to visit the campaign page now! <<

Since its first release in 1995, Reiner Knizia’s Medici has come to be considered a modern classic of board games. By one of the world’s most respected designers and with stunning artwork by award-winning illustrator Vincent Dutrait, Grail Games is pleased to present a new, 3rd English edition of this famous auction game.

With pledge levels starting at $35US for a copy of the game (including shipping), we hope that you might visit the campaign page and consider backing this project!

For more information on the game, please visit our Medici web page by clicking here.



* Please note we only have rights to sell and ship this game to: USA, UK, Canada, Australia nad New Zealand at this time.

Elevenses short-listed for Australian Game of the Year

Gail Games is pleased to announce that Elevenses has been short-listed for Australian Game of the Year by Boardgames Australia.

The winner of Game of the Year was “Sushi Go!” designed by Grail publisher David’s brother. We are extremely excited by this news and flattered by the honour of being short-listed.

According to Richard Vickery of BGA…

“Judging was especially tough this year, and we ended up with our longest-ever shortlist ever due to having so many great entrants.”

…so the future looks bright for the Australian boardgaming scene!

BGA has a panel of expert judges, who used the following guidelines when selecting their winners. To be considered by BGA, a game…

  1. has rules that are clear and not overly complex
  2. maintains the interest of players throughout the game
  3. provides the opportunity to make interesting decisions or to do clever and imaginative things
  4. can be replayed many times with enjoyment
  5. rewards skill but has sufficient luck, or a handicapping system, to allow any family member a chance of winning
  6. has sturdy and attractive components
  7. represents good value for money
  8. is different from other games
  9. has a manageable playing time (ideally under 90 minutes)
  10. scales well with different numbers of players (ideally for 2 to 6 players)