Can you trade Shadow Pokemon?

Can you trade Shadow Pokemon? Shadow Pokemon have been a hot topic in the Pokémon universe ever since they made their debut in games like Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness. In Pokemon GO, trainers have been eager to understand the rules and possibilities regarding trading these unique creatures. Are you curious about trading Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO? Read on to find out more.

Can you trade Shadow Pokemon?

Can you trade Shadow Pokemon? One question that has intrigued many players is whether they can trade Shadow Pokemon with others. After all, trading in Pokemon GO allows you to exchange Pokémon with friends, but does this extend to Shadow Pokemon? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Since July 2019, Niantic has imposed strict rules prohibiting the trade of Shadow-type creatures in the game. Moreover, transfers of Shadow Pokemon to other platforms like Pokemon HOME are also not permitted.

The reason behind this ban is rooted in the potential for exploitation. Trading Shadow Pokemon and then purifying them became an easy way for players to acquire perfect IV (Hundo) Pokémon, which disrupted the balance of the game. To maintain a fair and balanced gameplay experience for all trainers, Niantic decided to restrict Shadow Pokemon trading.

Will Shadow Pokemon Trading Return to Pokemon GO?

The likelihood of Shadow Pokemon trading making a return in Pokemon GO is slim. The ban on trading these creatures is in place to ensure a level playing field for all trainers. Reintroducing this feature could lead to an imbalance, as it would enable players to easily obtain perfect Pokemon, contrary to the intended effort and dedication required to achieve in the game.

How to Trade Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Currently, the only way to trade a Shadow Pokemon is by purifying it. To make a Shadow Pokemon eligible for trading, you must first purify it. However, keep in mind that purifying a Shadow Pokemon will remove its unique Shadow-related advantages. This includes the 20% bonus damage it deals and the -20% reduction in its defense stats.

Purified Pokemon do have their own benefits, as they have better appraisals and require fewer candies for evolution or power-ups. But they no longer retain the Shadow attributes that made them special.

How to Get Shadow Pokemon Without Trading?

If you’re determined to add Shadow Pokemon to your collection, there are alternative ways to acquire them without trading. Shadow Raids are an excellent option. During certain periods, players can participate in raids that feature 1-star, 3-star, and 5-star Shadow Pokemon. Defeating these Shadow Pokemon in raids offers you the chance to catch them.

Another method is to complete the Giovanni questline, which involves tracking down and battling Team GO Rocket grunts. Defeating these grunts can lead to encounters with Shadow Pokemon. If you’re up for the challenge, you can also use the Super Rocket Radar to locate and battle Team GO Rocket leaders for their Shadow Pokemon.


In conclusion, trading Shadow Pokemon is currently not an option in Pokemon GO. Niantic has imposed strict rules to maintain game balance and fairness. If you want to obtain Shadow Pokemon, consider participating in Shadow Raids, completing special research, or taking on Team GO Rocket leaders to capture these unique creatures. While the ban on trading Shadow Pokemon may not change in the future, there are still exciting ways to add these intriguing creatures to your Pokemon GO collection.