Boomerang: USA

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Designed by: Scott Almes
Illustrated by: Kerri Aitken

Boomerang: USA, like its sister games Boomerang: Australia and Boomerang: Europe is a “draft-and-write” game. It features a unique blend of set collection and card drafting with the approachable feel of a roll-and-write game. Draft locations from across the continental US as you collect sets of activities and see amazing sights to gain the most points.

Boomerang: USA is a stand-alone game in the Boomerang family that plays similarly to the original Boomerang, but has some rules differences and new ways to score, including giving players the opportunity to connect the east and west coasts.

Boomerang: USA
Players: 2-4
Ages: 10+
Length: 30 mins

28 cards
4 mini pencils
200 score sheets
+ an English and French rule book

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