Boomerang: Europe

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Designed by: Scott Almes
Illustrated by: Kerri Aitken

Boomerang: Europe, like its sister games Boomerang: Australia and Boomerang: USA is a “draft-and-write” game. It features a unique blend of set collection and card drafting with the approachable feel of a roll-and-write game. Draft locations from across the European continent as you collect sets of activities and try delicious food to gain the most points.

Boomerang: Europe is a stand-alone game in the Boomerang family that plays similarly to the original Boomerang, but has some rules differences and new ways to score.

Boomerang: Europe
Players: 2-4
Ages: 10+
Length: 30 mins

28 cards
4 mini pencils
200 score sheets
+ an English and French rule book

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