Grail Games announces our 2021 schedule!

Wow! So much to say and so little bandwidth!

As part of Spiel Digital 2020, David Harding from Grail Games outlined all that we have planned for release and Kickstarter from now until the end of 2021. Sadly the internet decided this content needed to go into TWO livestream videos, so here they are 🙂


Games discussed:

  • Hibachi (by Marco Teubner)
  • Hibachi: Hot & Spicy (by Marco Teubner)
  • Whale Riders (by Reiner Knizia)
  • Whale Riders: The Card Game (by Reiner Knizia)


Games discussed (after recapping the above):

  • Yellow & Yangtze: The Royal Palace (Reiner Knizia)
  • Yellow & Yangtze: The Card Game (Reiner Knizia)
  • Medici: Reformation (Reiner Knizia)
  • Silicon Valley (Scott Almes)
  • Botanic Gardens (Matthew Dunstan & Brett J Gilbert)
  • Fjords (Franz-Benno Delonge)
  • ChuHan (Tom Lehmann)
  • Elevenses: The Guilty Party (David Harding)

PHEW! Thanks for your patience, but… HOW EXCITING IS THAT!?!!?!