Upcoming Kickstarter project: Hibachi!

Grail Games is thrilled to present Hibachi, a dexterity game inspired by the classic Safranito. Hibachi is a dexterity game, but tactics, timing, and money management all play a part. Get into the shoes of a chef of a hibachi grill, where you have to cook food in front of guests – and as quick as you can.

We’ve booked you a table on Tuesday, November 17th to find out who will be the most successful Hibachi chef!

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-> https://bit.ly/Hibachi-prelaunch-KS

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-> A unique theme and colorful artwork

Hibachi is the classic Safranito, but rethemed. The new theme brings the gameplay alive as players literally throw things onto the grill to cook their dishes. Hibachi benefits from a funny theme mixed with funtastic gameplay. Chefs are cute animals, the board is full of colorful ingredients, recipes are trendy… all thanks to amazing artwork by Kerri Aitken, who already worked with Grail Games on the draft & write travelling game Boomerang: Australia.

-> A unique mix of a dexterity and a euro game

Players must throw chips on the board, knocking other chips around with unexpected results, but they must also plan ahead, striving to build a strategy that will allow them to collect the ingredients they need. Hibachi’s mixed mechanisms keep the game feeling fresh. With a dash of interaction, stirred in with the meaningful decisions that are made every turn, Hibachi is a fun dexterity game for 2 to 4 players. Inspired by the long out of print and much sought after Safranito(released in 2010), now – with Hibachiit’s time to rediscover this unique game!

-> Ideal for both family and expert gamers

Hibachi is an energetic and tactile game, with a fast pace. Rules are explained easily, making it simple to learn and play. Its unique mix of dexterity and strategy-building makes Hibachi the perfect game for almost everyone!

Families will appreciate the colorful artwork and the fun gaming experience Hibachi provides. Social gamers will also dive into the game, trash-talking and interacting as chips are thrown, hoping to influence what will happen, while planning what they themselves will do next. Even hardcore gamers will strive to beat their opponents and be the best chef in town, enjoying building a strategy to collect the precious cooking ingredients.

The upcoming Hibachi Kickstarter campaign will allow you to discover some unique components and additions from the original game. Join us on November 17th and subscribe now to our newsletter!

– The Grail Games Team