2018 in review

This is a very quick post to thank all our supporters and friends for what was a wonderful 2018.

Grail Games released six products this past year:

This was up from the five releases per year Grail has been averaging, however, the final three releases on this list only found their way to stores in December.

Grail also reprinted Elevenses for the fourth time.

It has been exciting, flattering and fulfilling to see our games played around the globe, both in person (at conventions, etc.), and online (on social media, etc.)

The highlight was the release of Yellow & Yangtze, which sold out at Gen Con in August, and has continued to sell well, since. A second printing, in conjunction with a number of international partners, will be released in mid-2019.

2018 was also the year in which (I felt) Grail titles were becoming more recognised and sought after by stores and shoppers. Thanks everyone for your tremendous support 🙂

If there was a negative to the year, it was definitely the fact that our regular manufacturer took three months longer than expected to produce Criss Cross and Kashgar, and Stephenson’s Rocket was seven months late at the factory. Such long, unexpected and unexplained delays can be a death knell for a small company in need of steady cash flow. The end of 2018 was a time to slow down and reflect, in part, brought on by this circumstance.

As far as looking at ways to grow, Grail continually reflects on our partners and friends, and much of these relationships will continue to grow into the future. Thanks to all for your help. In fact, a big announcement is coming in regards to the future of Grail Games and its releases…

Onwards to a happy 2019!

Reiner Knizia was very happy BGG’s Aldie named Y&Y his #1 game of 2018!!

– David Harding