Elevenses short-listed for Australian Game of the Year

Gail Games is pleased to announce that Elevenses has been short-listed for Australian Game of the Year by Boardgames Australia.

The winner of Game of the Year was “Sushi Go!” designed by Grail publisher David’s brother. We are extremely excited by this news and flattered by the honour of being short-listed.

According to Richard Vickery of BGA…

“Judging was especially tough this year, and we ended up with our longest-ever shortlist ever due to having so many great entrants.”

…so the future looks bright for the Australian boardgaming scene!

BGA has a panel of expert judges, who used the following guidelines when selecting their winners. To be considered by BGA, a game…

  1. has rules that are clear and not overly complex
  2. maintains the interest of players throughout the game
  3. provides the opportunity to make interesting decisions or to do clever and imaginative things
  4. can be replayed many times with enjoyment
  5. rewards skill but has sufficient luck, or a handicapping system, to allow any family member a chance of winning
  6. has sturdy and attractive components
  7. represents good value for money
  8. is different from other games
  9. has a manageable playing time (ideally under 90 minutes)
  10. scales well with different numbers of players (ideally for 2 to 6 players)