Grail Games to publish Reiner Knizia’s “Circus Flohcati”

Only weeks after announcing our plans to publish Reiner Knizia’s classic board game Medici, we are proud to inform everyone that Circus Flohcati, a Knizia-designed card game, originally published in 1998, is about to receive the Grail Games treatment as well!


Circus Flohcati has been out of print since 2006. Grail Games is working hard to create a new version of this fun, fast Reiner Knizia (designer of Samurai, Medici, Ra, etc.) game for today’s audience, with artwork by Heiko Gunther (Glory to Rome, Tesla vs Edison, The Dice Will Flow).

For more information on the game and images as they are released, please check out:

Circus Flohcati will be no.5 in our Mike Line of card games, and funded via a Kickstarter campaign to be launched late October, 2015.