101.1 successfully funded on Kickstarter!

Grail Games wishes to thank our 591 Kickstarter backers of 101.1 – a mini expansion for One Zero One!

At 556% funded, this has been a successful campaign to say the least. Many thanks to all who have supported us. It is exciting and flattering to think that by the end of the year, One Zero One will have a further fourteen cards to be added to it – giving it more and more variety and re-playability – as well as the capability to play the game solitaire!

Backers will need to keep an eye out for their backer survey and future updates that will inform them on the timeliness of the expansion’s production. Everyone else should stay tuned as well – soon a pre-order option will open up, allowing them to order their own copy of the expansion set.

Thanks once again!

– David
(Designer & Publisher)

101.1 - An expansion for One Zero One -- Kicktraq Mini