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101.1 is the first expansion set for One Zero One. It is available to purchase now from the BGG Store!

Read the full rulebook: English / Italian / Hungarian

101.1 adds seventeen cards, including twelve new command cards to add to the One Zero One base game. These cards can be interchanged with other command sets or simply added to the base game for a larger experience.

In summary, these cards are:

  • END & CONT: (4 cards) Playing an END card disallows players from playing future cards to a program row! Playing CONT re-opens a locked row!
  • GOSUB: (4 cards) A card alongside a GOSUB command can be moved to any row with at least three cards in it by the active player!
  • GET: (2 cards) Playing your GET card allows you to take and flip a card from your opponent’s hand, adding it to yours!
  • NEXT: (2 cards) After playing a NEXT card, your opponent must play their next card to the program display alongside the card you just played!

The expansion pack also includes:

  • 2x player aid cards
  • 60: (1x 60 card, 1x control card) Now you can extend the length of your program and put even more points up for grabs!
  • The CPU: Now you can play One Zero One solitaire!

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