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GG_logo_cleanGrail Games is a board and card game publishing studio located in Sydney, Australia.

Our focus is on board and card games that address the following criteria:

Family friendly – Games promote friendships and family fun. Grail Games are designed to be enjoyed by adults and older children at the same time. No mature themes or overly-complex narratives will be employed by our designers.

Fast to teach – We believe that extremely complex games can be fun but are barriers of entry to non-gamers and family-gamers. We will only produce games with clean, straight-forward rules sets.

Offer depth and replayability – Games can be simple and fast, but they will only blossom if they offer gamers a variety of strategies or diferent levels of depth to explore. We hope all our games will have a very high Depth to Box Size Ratio.

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Our upcoming titles:

Criss Cross – OUT NOW!
box front kashgar
Kashgar – OUT NOW!
Yellow & Yangtze – OUT NOW!
Stephenson’s Rocket – OUT NOW!
Boomerang – OUT NOW!